[1THING] Blog: Archive for February, 2015

[ Two Reasons Why Obama’s Keystone Veto Won’t Decide Pipeline ]

The never-ending saga of the Keystone XL pipeline gets new twists with potential problems in Nebraska and South Dakota.

[ Tweaking Bacteria, Scientists Turn Sunlight Into Liquid Fuel ]

Harvard researchers use bacteria to boost Daniel Nocera’s invention.

[ What Obama’s Drilling Bans Mean for Alaska and the Arctic ]

As the President opened the Atlantic to oil drilling, he closed a bit of the Arctic. How much difference does it make?

[ Can Sun and Wind Make More Salt Water Drinkable? ]

Almost all the water we drink comes from the one percent of the world’s water that’s unfrozen and fresh. But more nations and companies are working to use renewable energy to unleash drinkable water from the world’s oceans.