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[ Recycling At Work ]

We all do out best at home to recycle the best that we can, but how about at work? How do you get everyone at workdreamstime_s_89192143 on board with helping to preserve our precious planet?

First of all you must be able to identify what to recycle. Start by looking in refuse bins at different locations around your premises. For a more accurate picture, you could even conduct a waste review. Once you see what’s going into the normal refuse bins, you can start a list of things that should be separated from normal trash. Once you do that, how do you get everyone to chip in?

One of the first things you should do to get everyone to do their part to get senior management involved. It’s important to get them on it first off. They are going to be the ones sending out the messages and spending the money. Unless you plan on paying a recycling service out of your own pocket, it’s essential to get management on board.

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